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iTilt Incline Therapy Comfort Lounger

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10-Year Limited Warranty - YEAR 0-2: The warranty covers defects in the workma…


10-Year Limited Warranty - YEAR 0-2: The warranty covers defects in the workmanship or materials for 2 years from the date of purchase. Ergo-Pedic® will send replacement parts for any defective part to the original purchaser ONLY, and Ergo-Pedic ® will pay all authorized labor and transportation costs associated with the repair or replacement of any parts to residents within the continental US. YEARS 3-10: During the years 3 – 10, Ergo-Pedic® will offer replacement parts for any mechanical bed part (excluding electronics, electrical components, drive motors, and massage motors). The purchaser shall pay 1/10th of the replacement cost of the defective part multiplied by the number of years since 2 years after the warranty commencement date, and Ergo- Pedic® shall bear the remainder of the cost of the replacement part. The purchaser shall bear all service, transportation, labor, and shipping costs associated with the repair or replacement of the defective part(s).


C ouple laying peacefully on their side with their head elevated to breathe and sleep better.

Patented Tilt Technology

One-of-a-kind tilt function allows you to sleep on your side or stomach while elevating your head. (USPTO US-9642757-B2)

Relieve Congestion

The unique tilt design helps you breath easier and sleep better.

Minimize Snoring

Say goodby to disruptive snoring and hello to peaceful slumbar.

Relieve Heartburn, GERD, Muscle Pain, and Varicose Veins

Alleviate nightly symptoms by using gravity for a more comfortable and restful sleep.

Lounge Like You Mean It

Choose the chaise lounge position for relaxation and stress relief.

Tilt up to take the weight off your lower back for even better relaxation and comfort.

Dual Massage Therapy

Increase circulation and help release lactic acid from your muscles to relieve tension and discomfort. Features a one-button ‘Stop’ for instantaneous massage power down.

Deep massage therapy helps to relieve tension.

Infinite Positions

Find your comfort with a click of a button. Use the head up, foot up, and tilt for any position you want or use one of the three preset positions.

Zero Gravity

The most requested position for getting comfortable in bed. Helps to improve blood circulation and reduce back pain and joint swelling.


Alleviate pressure on your airway by raising your head and neck to keep you comfortably asleep.


Provides a sitting up position optimal for watching TV, reading, or using a laptop.

iTilt adjustable base has the largest range of motion so you can always get comfortable.

Loaded With Features

  • Head Up
  • Foot Up
  • Tilt
  • 2 Programmable Buttons
  • 3 Preset Positions - Zero Gravity, Anti-Snore, and TV
  • Wireless Remote with LED Screen and Flashlight - Batteries included
  • Remote Compatible with MotoSleep App
  • Dual-Zone Massage with Three Intensity Levels Each Zone
  • Wall Hugger - Your base will align and move back to help keep everything you need within reach
  • Underbed Lighting
  • Drop-In Design - Compatible with most bed frames
  • Battery Backup
  • Weight Capacity - Queen 750 lbs, King 900 (450/TwinXL), including mattress
Free shipping and 10-year limited warranty.


Can I use any mattress with this adjustable base?

Any memory foam, hybrid or pocketed coil mattress will work on our adustable bases. Mattresses with a traditional innerspring system will not work.

Do adjustable bed frames come with a sleep trial?

Adjustable bases do not come with sleep trials. However, they are still backed by our 10-Year Limited Warranty. All Ergo-Pedic Adjustable beds are non-returnable and a final sale item.

Are adjustable bases noisy?

All adjustable bases will make some noise during operation, including the massage feature. However, our high quality design uses a whisper-quiet motor to keep the noise to a minimum.

Do you have a split head only adjustable base?

At this time we do not have a split head only or a split queen size. However, we do have a split King and a split Cal King.

What is the Tilt function and how does it benefit me?

The patented tilt function is unique in that it allows you to sleep on your side or back in a flat position while still elevating the head of your body by 12 degrees. In traditional adjustable bases, raising the head means sleeping on your back. Inclined sleep can have many health benifits, including aiding digestion and circulation, but most will use the tilt feature to help with GERD, snoring, and congestion.